Darryl & Miranda Allcock


Our lockdown wedding motivated us to keep our arrangements small and intimate. This also allowed us to keep our special day purpose-focused and not people-focused. Our primary focus was thus to honour God in the decision we had made to further our relationship that He had ordained last year October. With our wedding being small and intimate we were able to share this precious memory with those family members who will continue to walk closely with us. Our family members have committed themselves to strengthening our marriage, praying for us and supporting us as we embark on this amazing new journey in our lives. With our wedding having taken place at my parent’s home we are now able to visit our wedding venue at any time to embrace the precious memory of our special day. My beautiful bride Miranda was walked down the aisle by my grandmother because she had hoped that one day her own grandmother would have walked her down the aisle so this made the occasion all the more special. Our wedding venue offered the opportunity of photos being taken within a Tuscan Estate with palm trees and various other natural features. Our love for one another grows more and more each day since our wedding to honour our vows before God and our family members.

– Darryl Allcock


Stemme maak 7 Maart 2021 oop. Klik hier om opteteken om ‘n herinnering per e-pos te kry wanner stemme vir Troue van die Jaar 2020 oop maak.


  • Blomme: Gibb Bridal Flowers
  • Fotograaf: Marika Wilkins
  • Grimering: Cicilia Kaufmann
  • Hare: Monique Oberholzer
  • Huweliksbevestiger: Mark Bradshaw
  • Troukoek: Maria Allcock
  • Skoene: Mono
  • Trourok: Enzoani Joselina
  • Venue: Grooms’ Parent’s Home
  • Huwelik kontrak: Yes