Lara & Deon Le Roux


Once upon a time, over a glass of wine, a girl and boy met, and changed the course of their stars forever…

Our story started on 25 December 2018 in what was meant to be just a quick meeting and a Christmas toast over a glass of wine.

We like to think that we have a 21st Century love story: we met on a popular dating app in December 2018 and proceeded to have that fateful meeting after each having lunch with our respective families. A spark was definitely ignited but we both played it coy at first, keeping the guessing game going from both sides. But things changed on 24 January 2019 when we both realised there was definitely something more special here and we needed to hold onto it.

One whirlwind of a year later, Deon proposed in the most romantic unexpected proposal on 25 January 2020 while away at The Arabella for his birthday weekend.

We were on an absolute high and were so looking forward to our wedding, which we had already booked and planned for 8 August 2020. And then, Covid-19 happened and the world for us and many others changed completely.

The months that followed were filled with stress and uncertainty. My mom (Lara) got stuck in the UK due to lockdown and the closing of the borders and I was definitely not going to get married without my mom here. We paid for our wedding ourselves and both of us had our income heavily affected due to Covid-19 and this was something that had us very worried as we were not actually sure that we would be able to afford to pay for the wedding. Every speech made by our President we watched closely to see what was changing in the regulations and when should we postpone our wedding too. After discussions with our service providers we settled on a new date of 5 December 2020 and hoped and prayed that we would in fact be able to get married and that my mom would be able to get back to South Africa. What always remained clear was that we could not wait to marry each other and start our lives together and this was just a bump in the road that we had to navigate through.

We were lucky that from the start we had decided to have a small wedding with our close friends and families and were delighted when events/indoor gatherings were increased from 50 pax. That meant that we would be able to have our wedding on 5 December 2020. It still remained unclear about the borders opening but thankfully my mom was able to book a flight and get home. She landed back in South Africa on 1 October 2020. This meant we could finally start getting excited about our wedding and most importantly about being husband & wife and starting our lives and our journey together.

The next couple of months were stressful, as they are with any bride, but as we were unsure about a lot of things we left quite a bit of the smaller details until the end when we knew we could get married.

5 December 2020: Our wedding day had arrived!

A hot 32 degrees in Cape Town with wind that was blowing us away. Everyone had said to me prior to the wedding to not expect everything to be perfect and go according to plan, but being someone that works in the business events industry, I thought they were talking nonsense and everything would go according to plan 🙂 ….. which it did not…..

On arrival at the church while waiting to go in the wind blew my vail away which meant I jumped like an SA Netball player to catch my veil before it flew over the roof of the church. Then we were ready to start again….the Priest rang the church bells again and the music started playing and after my bridesmaids had walked down the aisle I saw my groom waiting for me. Possibly something that had me most worried was walking down the aisle alone. My dad had passed 10 years earlier and I had felt that if he could not walk me down the aisle no one would. But seeing Deon standing at the end of the aisle made it easier walking towards him alone.

The ceremony was beautiful, a traditional Catholic wedding. From there we made our way to our reception. Guests were to have drinks and canapes while we took our wedding photos. The wind however did not play along so we got to join our guests for drinks and canapes and took our wedding photos later when it had subsided (as you can see from my sneak peek photos my hair has blown all over the place 🙂 ). Our reception was beautiful. A relaxed, intimate, romantic setting with divine food and good music.

We loved spending the day and the evening with our guests and dancing the night away (until curfew). As much as we thought with a worldwide pandemic we would not be able to get married and enjoy our day, we were.

We had an amazing wedding that started our married life as The Le Roux’s together in the perfect way.


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  • Bruidegom-pak: Mr Suit Hire Bellville
  • Fotograaf: Gustav Klotz Photography
  • Grimering: Cecilia Fourie
  • Hare: Lezanne Voges
  • Huweliksbevestiger: Fr. Michael van Heerden
  • Trouring: Wolf Bros
  • Troukoek: Angel Cakes
  • Koördineerder: On the day coordinator: The Wedding Fairy
  • Platejoggie: DJ JINX
  • Skoene: Opari
  • Skryfbehoeftes: Soapberry Design Studio
  • Strooimeisie-rokke: Next UK
  • Trourok: Elizabeth Stockenström
  • Venue: Durbanville Catholic Church for the wedding & Canto Wines for the reception
  • Paartjie se verblyf: Meerendal Boutique Hotel
  • Vervoer: Private (friend, Richardt Snyman)
  • Videograaf: Gustav Klotz Photography
  • Huwelik kontrak: Virtual Lawyers
  • Wittebrood plek: Garden Route & Overberg