Melissa & Dean de Jongh


10.10.2020 was a unique date in every way…

Dean and I met through mutual friends. We were friends for three years, dated another three, and got married on the third date – third times always the charm!

Our initial wedding date was 6 June 2020. We kept the faith, with the support and prayers of friend, family and wonderful vendors, but had to postpone at last. For any bride and groom, having to postpone, whatever the circumstances, is devastating. Trying to re-plan your wedding in another season and coordinating it so that all your vendors are available on that same date is an art all the “COVID brides” got to master. The second time we had to postpone I took solace in the fact that I was not alone, many were going through the same thing, we were going to keep faith, 10.10.2020 was THE date! And finally it was!

That morning rain poured down, we had an outside ceremony in the woods. The venue owner sent me a video of their dam overflowing for the first time in 6 years – I knew it was going to be a blessed day. I remember our photographer jumping up and down telling me rainy days make the best pictures, and he was right. Also very grateful for makeup artists that made us all look our best selves through rain and sunshine. It rained right up ’till the moment my dad started walking me down the isle. As we walked, sun came shining through the trees, everything was perfect. The moment I saw Dean everything else disappeared, it was finally time. We decided to write our own vows and Dean had a Harris Hawk fly in our rings. We had lawn games for entertainment and my one bridesmaid made our cake. My mom surprised us with a sparkle machine as we entered the venue and a cloud smoke machine and confetti canon for the first dance. I had two beautiful wedding dresses, one made especially for me. Everything was perfect, the decor was more than we dreamed it would be, the food was delicious, the music kept everyone on the dance floor until they had to close the venue doors, and most guests stayed over to keep the party going.

I am grateful for supporting and loving parents that made this day possible, nothing too much or too great for them.
I am grateful for a bridal crew that kept us positive and made our day unforgettable, we have friends that last a lifetime.
I am grateful for vendors that went above and beyond with night time video chats, check-ins and extras to make our day perfect.
I am grateful for family and friends that traveled far just to be a part of our day.
Most of all, I am grateful for my husband, for praying with me, for being my rock through it all, and for choosing me to be his wife.


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  • Blomme: Husband Wife Team
  • Bruidegom-pak: H&M South Africa
  • Dekor: Husband Wife Team
  • Fotograaf: Gustav Klotz Photography
  • Grimering: Celestial Makeup Artistry (Bride) & Makeup by Ruth (Bridesmaids)
  • Hare: Celestial Makeup Artistry (Bride)
  • Huurdienste: Eagle Encounters (Harris Hawk as ring bearer) & Vis Create (Sparkle Machine, Cloud Smoke Machine, and Confetti Canons)
  • Huweliksbevestiger: Ds. Jannie le Roux
  • Troukoek: Maritza Labushagne
  • Musiek: The Party Technician
  • Platejoggie: The Party Technician
  • Skoene: Courtney Cousins & Steve Madden
  • Strooimeisie-rokke: La Belle Mariée Bridal Couture
  • Tente: Murasie Venue
  • Trourok: La Belle Mariée Bridal Couture
  • Venue: Murasie Venue
  • Paartjie se verblyf: Murasie Venue
  • Vermaak: Mr & Mrs M Wedding Games
  • Videograaf: Miracle Media SA
  • Huwelik kontrak: Miller, Bosman, Le Roux
  • Wittebrood plek: Knysna & Mossel bay; Mauritius after lockdown restrictions