Ryan & Dante Botha


Our Wedding Testimony

We call our wedding and marriage our testimony because it very quickly became a catalyst for change and maturation in each of our lives as individuals before marriage and preparing us for oneness in marriage and everyday until our last. Ones wedding day is just that, one day, one amazing exhilarating, fulfilling, empowering, fantastic day. Its only one day that somehow equips one with a lifetime of memories. Any old married couple can still tell you about the magical experience of their wedding day. but boy oh boy was it a roller coaster of a ride to make it to D-Day.

Any bride who managed to get married in the year 2020 between the months of March to December can count themselves richly blessed. I happened to be one of those brides. We felt like 2019 and 2020 took eons to unfold, with both of us being young (engaged at age 21 and to be married at 23 when we both were expecting to graduate from varsity). Our first year of engagement was filled with turmoil and conflict (not between us but more in the relationships around us as family tired to dissuade us from our plans as a young couple ). Through faith and prayer we made it through the first year and then 2020 came, healing budded in our previously broken relationships with family and a new hope arose. We booked our Wedding date for 21 November 2020 – an expected 3 weeks after my final exams (more than enough time in my mind to do all the bridal preparations and grooming). And then 27 March 2020 – Hard lockdown begins in South Africa, Ryan is living at home with his family in Pretoria and I am with my folks and sister in Witbank. Not so far apart, only 109km, then again even your neighbour was unreachable at a time like that. The world had gone into a dark age and for 92 days I did not see my fiancé. Our Wedding venue (Whispering Thorns in White River) kept us updated every month trying to help all their desperate brides keep calm and to just have faith. Faith – that’s all we had and with out it I doubt we would have had our special day at all. My exams ended up moving 3 weeks up ending the day before our planned date. How on earth was I supposed to make this work? How does one look like a bride in less than a day. But at a time like this we learnt we had no control and that’s perfect, that’s exactly how its supposed to be. I gave up control, our wedding was postponed by an entire year and then rebooked for 2020 one week later than the original date. How blessed I feel just reminiscing about the happenings leading up to this perfect day ordained by God.

Anyways the day came – it was romantic, pure and beautiful. My mom had done almost EVERYTHING since I had been studying most of the time. She is an amazing woman! She designed and made my bridesmaids sky blue Armani Silk satin soft dresses that blew in the wind so delicately, she made all my girls, myself, herself and my mom-in-law Kimono gowns differing by rimmed colours that matched the nighty dress that we each got, she made my garter which I forgot to put on, she made the grooms and ring bearers waistcoats and pocket hankies as well as their bow ties. She liaised tirelessly with the printers and stationary designers (Kreeson from Worm & Apple), as well as the flower lady (Daleen from Witbank who gave us an amazing discount because my mom has such a long standing relationship with her store) – relationships and loyalty means a lot. My mom is amazing.

Ryan and I wanted a single table but unfortunately the hall just couldn’t fit my 80 guests and the bridal party at one table, so we made a T-shape which had the same effect we wanted – to see all our guests in one picturesque seen. My mom and Uncle along with his team(Tubular Track) designed an arch 5m wide and 2.5m tall to frame the bridal table where Bride Groom and parents sat. This was decorated with white soft organza and white roses as well as a chandelier that had been delivered that day without a single piece being assembled – my dad and a few helper groomsmen are credited with all the efforts of decorating the arch and assembling the chandelier. I have an amazing dad too! My long 76-seater table was also decorated with white embossed table cloths also made by my mother and her friend and 2m steel frame stands were placed on the table to raise all the white roses and greenery above the heads of all the guest while seated – it was exquisite. All the table décor was crystal and the cutlery gold. The cake was a three-tier minimalistic white cake decorated with roses with three extraordinary flavours, moist chocolate caramel, chunky carrot with cream icing and finally Turkish delight with rose icing. This amazing cake along with the wedding favours (blue and white macaroons in a perfectly packaged box with a small ribbon) were made by Royal Treats in Nelspruit.

All the handsome young groomsmen wore Black Tie suits in a deep Ocean Briggs one shade darker than the dashing Groom who wore a perfectly tailored India Ink suit with a silver waistcoat made by mom and a sky-blue bow tie (which he tied himself on the day). Ryan bought all his groomsmen funky socks and he himself wore a British flag in honour of his God Mother who couldn’t attend the wedding due to Covid restricting flights from London.

I wore a graceful, romantic, and detailed dress from Bride&Co Parkview. It was the first dress that I tried on and I cried and mom cried and it was decided, nothing could beat that. I don’t know much about trying on wedding dresses, I’ve only done it once and probably wont do it ever again but what I did find out in my short experience is that a wedding dress isn’t something that you choose when you look in the mirror and feel pretty – many things make women feel pretty. A wedding dress is a feeling. I felt like a bride in that dress, I felt worth of the pure white colour.

My hairstylist – Melissa van Schalkwyk – had been doing my hair for as long as I can remember, every ballet concert, every dance, my matric dance and my varsity dinners. She had been the lady in the mirror and sure as sugar she was to be my hairstylist for my wedding. And like always she never disappointed me with her incredible upstyle with soft tendrils to soften my natural curves of my face.

There’s tow things at a wedding that one should never underestimate the importance of – 1) A brilliant photographer and videographer crew and 2) the DJ. These 4 people (Werner, Sanli and Enya hired through August photography and Renier from AVS Hire) made the night just that extra – wow!. Renier met Ryan and I once for coffee – I told him a bit about us and he got us, he figured us out and magically captured our spirits as if we were the music playing, from golden oldies to movie scores to everything in between and beyond. Our photographers and videographer were not service providers at all. After 10 minutes in their company they were part of the bridal party, your best friend who captures your laugh and tells you how beautiful it sounds after. They are the reason I can enter a competition like this because they captured the Best Day of our lives.

Now about the day. Gone in a flash, I tried so hard to slow it down. I felt every emotion overcome me when my bridesmaids and I prayed before the ceremony, and then again a rush of emotion flooded my body when my dad saw me, hugged me and drove me in the golf cart to the chapel. And then once more when I walked down the aisle. Every emotion fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, love, peace and then I looked up I saw my soon to be husband, tears in his eyes, waiting at the alter for me – his perfect, untainted bride – ready to be received.
Finally, we enjoyed all the hard work that went in to making this day possible, every penny my dad paid, every perfectly placed candle. We could see all our guests, we danced till our shoes came off and then we danced some more. We had so much fun together and we are still having fun today.


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  • Blomme: Daleen – Flowers by Dave
  • Bruidegom-pak: Black Tie
  • Dekor: Whispering Thorns
  • Fotograaf: Adorn Photography & Film; August Photography
  • Gaste Geskenke: Royal Treats
  • Grimering: MUD Studios
  • Hare: Melissa van Schalkwyk
  • Huweliksbevestiger: Eugene Smith
  • Juweliersware: Elma Jewelers
  • Trouring: Browns & Elma Jewelers
  • Troukoek: Royal Treats
  • Platejoggie: Renier – AVS Hire
  • Skoene: Badgley Mischka
  • Skryfbehoeftes: Worm & Apple
  • Strooimeisie-rokke: Mother of the Bride – Gené Engelbrecht
  • Trourok: Bride&Co
  • Venue: Whispering Thorns
  • Paartjie se verblyf: Whispering Thorns
  • Videograaf: Werner – Adorn Photography & Film