Jonty & Yonica Meiring


As has been the norm during the pandemic, COVID forced us to rethink everything about our special day. We initially wanted to have about 150 people at the family farm for a December wedding extravaganza. However, given how the rules and restrictions had changed from wave to wave (and added to this the fact that the owner of the family farm passed away from COVID), we decided to reduce our stress levels and keep it more intimate and on a more significant date in April.

We arranged everything within the space of about 3 months and were on track when our dominee called us from a hospital bed the week before our wedding to inform us that he wouldn’t be able to make it. A chaotic few days followed but fortunately we were able to find a dominee last minute to step in and deliver a beautiful ceremony. We realized at this point that no matter what happened and what might go wrong, all that we physically HAD to have was each other and a dominee.

Will low stress levels we had a beautiful Karoo wedding with our families. We ate until we were full, were fortunate to experience some rare rains on the farm and kuiered under the Karoo moon until the early hours of the morning.

10/10 would recommend 🙂


Stemme maak 7 Maart 2021 oop. Klik hier om opteteken om ‘n herinnering per e-pos te kry wanneer stemme vir Troue van die Jaar 2021 oop maak.


  • Blomme: Ourselves
  • Bruidegom-pak: n/a
  • Dekor: Ourselves
  • Fotograaf: Anja Aucamp
  • Gaste Geskenke: Ourselves
  • Grimering: Charne Du Toit
  • Hare: Myself
  • Huurdienste: n/a
  • Huweliksbevestiger: Ds. Jan Grobbelaar
  • Juweliersware: n/a
  • Trouring: Dorethea Annandale
  • Troukoek: Ourselves
  • Koördineerder: Sone Rolfe ( Sister)
  • Musiek: n/a
  • Platejoggie: n/a
  • Skoene: Old Khaki & Vellie Boutique
  • Skryfbehoeftes: Myself
  • Strooimeisie-rokke: Yvonne Pienaar ( My mom)
  • Tente: n/a
  • Trourok: Yvonne Pienaar ( My mom)
  • Venue: Kleine Valleij
  • Paartjie se verblyf: Kleine Valleij
  • Vermaak: n/a
  • Vervoer: n/a
  • Videograaf: Anja Aucamp
  • Huwelik kontrak: Hennie Oosthuizen
  • Wittebrood plek: Clarens