AK & Kayla Tongo


Our wedding day is a sweet memory of our union as a married couple as well as a celebration of a journey we embarked on 5 years ago.  We celebrated two families and cultures coming together and the start to a beautiful future ahead.  Even before AK put the most beautiful engagement ring on my finger, I have been dreaming of our special day.   We confirmed our date by booking our wedding venue at the immaculate Eensgezind Function Venue and with the help of Ananda Louw we planned the most beautiful wedding I could ask for.

Being a winter wedding I wanted to incorporate the rich jewel colours with touches of gold, to embody a warm and romantic atmosphere.  We used naked wooden tables and adorned them with a variety of flowers, candles and golden embellishments and vases.

Guests were spoilt with a mouth-watering menu prepared by the venue and we ended the night off with cups of sweet, warm hot chocolate from the hot chocolate bar.

In the words of Whimsical Bridal – “You don’t choose your dress, the dress chooses you” and that was the case with me.¬† My dress was the first dress I tried on and you could see on my face that this is the dress I wanted to wear. I wore the dress “Calie” from the Enzoani Etoile collection.¬† I felt like a true princess and have never felt so beautiful in my life before.¬† AK wanted to honour his isiXhosa culture and did it by incorporating small additions to his attire. His tie and waistcoat was made from traditional print material and his socks embodied a traditional isiXhosa print.

During the winter months in Cape Town you find plains of fresh green wheat fields and these served as the backdrop to some of the most stunning wedding photo’s taken by our talented photographers. The day was generally overcast with the sky blanketed with grey clouds but during our couple shoot for a very small amount of time there was a break in the clouds and the warm vibrant colours of a winter sunset permeated through and made for the most exquisite photo’s. I spent most of the photoshoot barefoot as the muddy fields coated my feet in mud, talk about an impromptu exfoliation! It was pure exhilaration frolicking in the fields, taking in every moment with my new husband.

We spent the rest of the day on the dance floor, laughing and celebrating with our loved ones. It was truly the most remarkable day ever. The joy and love was physically tangible and it is a memory engrained into our hearts forever!

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                • Blomme: Eensgezind Function Venue
                • Bruidegom-pak: Mr Suit Hire
                • Dekor: Eensgezind Function Venue
                • Fotograaf: Matthew Carr Photography
                • Gaste Geskenke: The Cookie Crew
                • Grimering: Mana-Zita Hair and Make-up
                • Hare: Mana-Zita Hair and Make-up
                • Huweliksbevestiger: Clive Bowers
                • Juweliersware: Prins & Prins Jewellers
                • Trouring: Prins & Prins Jewellers
                • Troukoek: Nathan’s Cake Creations
                • Platejoggie: Mr Music – Nico Bruyns
                • Strooimeisie-rokke: Hoiden Bridesmaids
                • Trourok: Whimsical Bridal
                • Venue: Eensgezing Wedding and Function Venue