Meldon & Aurora Bezuidenhout


Our wedding came somewhat unexpectedly. We had been engaged for around 10 months when I thought I’d be clever and plan a wedding for Easter weekend (Meldon’s Oupie who we both loved so much was married on Easter weekend). I decided to tell Meldon’s mom that I think I should plan the wedding for then. She then told Meldon, “Your fiance is going to plan a wedding in a month, you better give her a date before she starts”. He gave me the 5th of August. I had ordered my wedding dress from Light in the Box (an online Chinese website), sent all my measurements and then came the waiting. While waiting we checked out a venue and fell in love, Drakensbergkloof, was from my dreams. When my dress arrived, it did not fit, (insert crashing glass sounds here), but, with a lot of hard work and God’s grace, I managed to lose 8kgs and my lovely practice manager pulled out her best sewing skills and altered it for me. My husband, on the other hand, had secretly had a designer, M-unite, design him an amazingly tailored green suit, he definitely stole the show. One of my most happiest parts of our wedding was having my sister-in-law, my bridesmaid, make the long trip from New Jersey to Newcastle KZN to be there for our wedding. It was a fairytale, fairy light family wedding with just 50 guests, the most beautiful photographer who captured and saved things I would not have thought of keeping. It was just, for me and my husband, a wonderful beautiful day. Nothing went wrong…. Oh, except I forgot my husband’s ring as my domestic had packed it away in the Bermuda Triangle that we have at home and it totally slipped my mind. No worries, a few urbanols and a silicon ring to the rescue and we said our I do’s while the sun was setting and our fairy lights lit the way of our beautiful path we will walk together.

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          Verwysing: Gebruik die verywing wat begin met TVJ23****.
          Rekening Houer:  Mooi Troues

          Bank: First National Bank
          Rekening Tipe: Tjek Rekening
          Rekening Nommer: 62528022792
          Takkode: 250-655
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          Verwysing: Use the reference starting with TVJ23****.
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            Mooi Troues

          Bank:  First National Bank
          Account Type:  Cheque Account
          Account Number: 62528022792
          Branch Code: 250-655
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                • Blomme: Drakensbergkloof
                • Bruidegom-pak: M-Unite
                • Dekor: Drakensbergkloof
                • Fotograaf: Orchid & Oak Photography
                • Grimering: Beauty on Wheels
                • Hare: Beauty on Wheels
                • Huweliksbevestiger: Dustin Fergusson
                • Trouring: Belgravia
                • Troukoek: Thulish
                • Ko√∂rdineerder: Nicolene (Drakensbergkloof)
                • Musiek: Sound Exelence
                • Platejoggie: Dylan
                • Skoene: Shein
                • Strooimeisie-rokke: Nina van Wyk – Jacoba clothing
                • Trourok: Light in the box
                • Venue: Drakensbergkloof
                • Paartjie se verblyf: Drakensbergkloof
                • Huwelik kontrak: Robin Pentz – Southeys Attorneys
                • Wittebrood plek: Mauritius – Solana beach