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Our Wedding day is the best day of our life.

I want everything to be perfect. I want to enjoy this day with my new husband and family. Table runners flowers and food do not matter all that matters is that I enjoy it with those I love.I was so stressed about guest lists and etiquette and which traditions to keep and which to toss out, worried about who to include in my wedding party and worried about people showing up who didn’t RSVP.

While couples often hire professionals to help manage their wedding plans, we chose to handle all of the planning tasks and responsibilities on our own. We were working on a tight budget and we simply loved the DIY possibilities. In any case, though planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times it is possible to personally put together the wedding of your dreams.

So where does one begin? The first step was to make sure that I had plenty of time to plan our big day and not forget to involve my significant other in this step, as our wedding should represent both of us together as a couple.

We set our budget and stuck to it.

Planning our wedding was stressful we set the date and got the wedding venue and all the other things fell into place. We looked at about 10 different venues and each one had its pros and cons we decided to let our marriage start at the very same place we met, hence choosing Barkly Street Theater, located in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.

We got our officiant and went for meetings to discuss what we wanted, we could not ask for someone better.

I picked my best friends for my bridesmaids I did not worry about having too many, I chose the people I can’t imagine not sharing this day with.
The venue – Figuring out the menu and alcohol situation, really did not matter I did what we wanted and loved, my mom the amazing woman that she is made the best harvest table and everybody loved it, the food was the traditional meats veg’s and rice and a buffet dessert table to die for people spoke about this for weeks after the wedding.

We wanted everyone to remember this day and enjoy this day with us.

My dress- we booked a couple of appointments we decided to rent a dress and make something special for the after party that I could keep for always and ever (this was a surprise for my husband-to-be). I got this amazing designer who really made me feel like a princess, he went out of his way to make sure that everything was perfect. Every time we went for fittings we had so much fun, because I am a very pale girly we decided to go with something blush to lift me up a bit and this was absolutely amazing the way this colour complimented my skin and hair tones it brings out the blue in my eyes I loved this so much once again thank you Andrè.

The boys went to Heinz in Style and got all the things they needed in a flash they looked so handsome.

The only thing that mattered for our wedding day was that people had a good time- including and especially us.
Our wedding day was so special we got up early in the morning and packed our bags and went to the venue where we got our makeup and hair done everything was so well organised I could not wait for the time to pass I wanted to become the wife of this man I have loved for 8 years, and so the time has arrived we got dress photos taken and it was time for me and my dad- that special time where you say thank you for all he has done. The music started and as we went down the steps to enter the church a carpet was lying there with words saying, “DAD of all the steps we ever took this one is my favourite” My dad was such a proud man at this stage walking me down the aisle tears in his eyes, he was going to give me away his only daughter.

So the ceremony began and the pastor was the best he made all of us feel so welcome, we had our nephew bringing in the rings with guns guarding this precious cargo (the rings).

The ceremony was over and we went to our guests on our way to the red carpet for the confetti, we had a beer boy handing our Corona beers to some of the quest dancing and entertaining them as we got engaged during Corona, the people went wild and loved that, the after party started and it was time for our first dance as husband and wife the groomsmen, confetti sticks were popped and made us feel like we won the lottery, what a beautiful night.

We got the best photographer who sees our story and shares our vision, the photographs are what we have left of this amazing day at the end when the wedding is over and we wanted the photos to tell the story of our big day in the way we want to remember it. The video, we cannot wait to see this, it is so important as this day goes by so fast and now we can look back at this day forever.

Our wedding day was all about remembering that this was all about starting our married life.

NB…..Tips for newlyweds, remember to plan for the perfect marriage, not just the perfect wedding. Like with wedding planning and everything else there will be irritants, you may not agree on everything you may fight about things as simple as what movie to watch or how to load the dishwasher or things much more complicated but through it all always remember that this is the partner you chose, this is the person who will be there for you and when you remember that everything else becomes a little easier

Much love to you


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