Nicole & Peter Simons


At last, we had finally managed to set a date for the third time and this time, the wedding we planned for so long, took its course and our forever journey could finally start.
We had postponed on 2 occasions before, the first time due to COVID-19 and the second time due to me being so sick during my 2nd pregnancy, I was in hospital for a number of reasons and we just could not continue.

We are simple, down-to-earth people. We are also very realistic when it comes to spending money on quite frankly, ANYTHING.

We decided on only inviting the nearest and dearest and rounded our guest list up to 60 people. We needed it to be intimate and most importantly, our day needed to reflect the people we are and who the people those closest to us, know and love. Simple, yet elegant.

My dress and hubby’s suit were hired, we had the flowers done ourselves due to a glitch with the decor people (which we were just so sad about), and the decor was partially done by the events company but they ended up just taking advantage of the good-hearted and patient people that we are, so we had to outsource a couple of items for our tables.

Leading up to our wedding day, everything was so well planned and we were so excited because finally after 9 years together and 2 kids later, our love story could be sealed with an eternity of just celebrating life together!

Our ceremony was so beautiful, my daughter was our flower girl and it was just so special. Everyone seemed genuinely happy for us and I know that they were. It was so good celebrating with the people who truly made an impact on your life and who truly know you as people. And also people that are happy for you, unconditionally.

Our ceremony was concluded and we moved over to where our reception would be. Our photographer was going to take the majority of the photos inside, where the formalities would happen, speeches would be done, etc. So I advised her to just take a few family photos outside. It was the most beautiful day. It was raining, but just as the rain stopped, she could take a few family photos. Not knowing what we would be facing just moments later…

We continued on into the reception area, my new husband and I went to take our seats and the starter was served. Speeches commenced.

My father-in-law got up and proceeded with his speech. He spoke a few words and his speech was really special. But he also said there’s so much more he wants to say but he is tired and his heart ( he always had a heart problem and had multiple operations in the past), his heart just doesn’t allow him to.

He closed off his speech with the words that we should always be careful of the words coming out of our mouths because once it’s been said, it cannot be taken back. And he went to sit down.
A mere 2 seconds after he sat down, we saw something was just not right. He wasn’t breathing properly, he was agitated and we noticed something was very wrong.

His children and those seated at his table proceeded to take him outside for some fresh air. The pills that he would always put under his tongue, he did as usual. But this time, it didn’t work.
He had what seemed like a heart attack. The venue proceeded to phone the ambulance, and they came. He never opened his eyes again. They resuscitated him multiple times but it didn’t work.
My father-in-law died on our wedding day … Something we never could have predicted or even thought of. I burst into tears and was hysterical, my husband just lost his father. Our day didn’t turn out like we wanted it to.

Our guests stayed the entire time until the funeral home removed his body from the venue. Everything was so final.

Now, a mere 9 months later we are still trying to pick up the pieces. We have never been on a honeymoon or even a break. Every 25th, we are reminded of this bittersweet event that we so unfortunately experienced.

Still, in this, we are trying to remain positive and trying to convince ourselves that God always has the last say. But the human in us just still has so many questions.

We miss our dad more than ever. We sometimes wish that we could’ve had more time, could’ve had the day work out like we planned. But all in all, we are grateful that he got to witness our union and also that he left us with such amazing words … Words we will always carry with us.

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