Priscilla & Villa Brown


I never believed in love, not for me.

Everything started on 8 May 2021. My cousin got married in Riebeeck Kasteel and this is also where Villa directed the band and managed the entertainment on the day. I was the soloist on the day and by the evening we got on so well and engaged in such a great conversation.

All the single ladies gathered and guess who caught the bouquet? I did!

A week after the wedding, the weekend of 16 May, we went on our first date and since then could not spend a weekend away from each other. At this stage, my son was 16 years old.

At first, Villa told me that I should not get my hopes up high, as he does not want to ever get married but on the weekend of 16 June 2023, he asked my father whether he would approve of our wedding. This evening in the presence of my family was the most special day of my life. Every single one was so happy for us and there was not a dry eye in the room and obviously so much joy.

Without thinking about a specific date, we looked around for wedding venues and the 16th of December was available, in Bonnievale. The perfect wedding destination, for both of us. On our very first visit to the venue, we both knew this was where it should take place and nowhere else, Atila Guest Farm. “Villa and Cilla at Atila” just had a perfect ring to it.

The number 16: Completeness, Stability, Order and Structure.

Our wedding flowers – PROTEAS – are a sign of hope, fresh beginnings, appreciation, admiration, devotion, success, grace, protection, growth, survival and energy. These were also our table names where guests were seated.

Willem (his real name) the Protector of a Woman with rare qualities, Priscilla.

The day was all we could have dreamt of, so much love, fun and laughter.

Our officiant, Dr Nathan Philander, whom I have known for more than 30 years, and also a close family friend, married us, and this made the day even more special.

In the absence of my mom who passed on, I had the privilege to have my dad 80 years old walk me down the aisle.

A special moment was created in the church to pay tribute to all our loved ones who could not share the day with us.

To end the evening, we had a surprise for our guests, the GB Batt Rieldancers of Montagu. Also, the winners of the ATKV Rieldance Competition of 2023. Their performance of almost an hour had the guests on their feet entertained. This special performance was in honour of my mom and Villa’s parents, our heritage ….

There is not a single thing I would change, I’m so happy I found my husband and get to spend the rest of my life with him. He completes me in more ways than he could ever imagine. My son adores him and accepts this change in his life with open arms.

I love you Villa Brown, you are my friend, my partner, my soulmate sent from God.

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                • Blomme: Robertson Bloemiste
                • Dekor: Atila Guest Farm
                • Fotograaf: AMP Photography
                • Gaste Geskenke: Honey
                • Grimering: Elvina Cloete
                • Hare: Elvina Cloete
                • Huweliksbevestiger: Dr Nathan Philander
                • Juweliersware: Sterns
                • Trouring: Sterns
                • Troukoek: Charmaine
                • Koördineerder: Francois Malherbe
                • Musiek: In house DJ
                • Platejoggie: Paul
                • Skoene: Olive Branch Design
                • Strooimeisie-rokke: Online shopping
                • Trourok: Anonymous
                • Venue: Atila Guest Farm
                • Paartjie se verblyf: Atila Guest Farm
                • Vermaak: GB Batt Rieldancers
                • Wittebrood plek: Assegai Rest