Rajesh & Zita-Lynn Scholtz


From the time we got engaged on 17/12/22, I started envisioning my wedding day in my head…Yeah, I couldn’t wait for the day! Excitement and nerves took over immediately! In January 2023 we started looking for venues. Man, it was stressful! I googled wedding venues near me and we got the perfect venue with accommodation for us in Table View(McPherson’s Wedding Venue).
We booked an appointment to view the place and instantly fell in love with the venue. We then set an appointment with the manager and booked ourselves a table with my parents and 2 of our best friends to test the main course for our wedding in February 2023 and we immediately paid a deposit (half the venue fee money).

In March 2023 my mother, maid of honour and myself went to YDE in Cana Walk to look for dresses for the 4 bridesmaids. We found the perfect dresses for them. I then bought the dresses in cash not knowing if they would fit them. I got 3 dresses and told the maid of honour that she could wear a different dress but they had nothing that caught my eye. A week later I then went to Heidelberg Cape (2 bridesmaids live there) and told them to fit the dresses on. One dress fit the bridesmaid perfectly and the other one was too small for the other bridesmaid. I normally had a good judge on their sizes but this time I was wrong about one bridesmaid! Imagine the stress I then went through. Fine! Eventually, I told myself now I needed to phone all the YDE stores in South Africa to find the correct size. That Friday morning I phoned YDE Johannesburg, George and Tygervally Mall (Cape Town) since they all only had 1 dress each.The Johannesburg YDE had an XL (the material was damaged), then I phoned George Mall and they just sold the last one! My only hope was Tygervalley Mall in Cape Town they had 1 XL but the stitching came loose. I told the sales lady that I was willing to pay the full purchase price as I was desperate and she told me that she had to consult with her branch manager first. We cut the call and they phoned me back late Friday afternoon and said that I could return the dresses for the XL at their store. Man, you had to see me jumping for joy! My fiance at the time, drove all the way from Heidelberg Cape to Cape Town Tygervalley Mall to exchange the dress (this is an estimated 3 hours drive). When he arrived he phoned me to tell me that he got the dress. I was so grateful to that man I now call my husband. We didn’t get a dress for the maid of honour yet but I wasn’t too stressed about that yet.

On the 27th of March 2023, I went to look for wedding dresses at 2 different places but nothing caught my eye. In April 2023 we got quotes from 2 professional photographers in Cape Town. We went through their photos on their socials and fell in love with the 2nd photographer’s work. We then paid a deposit for the Gold package. In May 2023 I went to Blue Downs and asked a family friend to make my wedding dress for me. I found a picture on Pinterest of a dress that I loved! She then took fittings and we paid the deposit. In June 2023 I then went on Pinterest and searched Korean weddings (I love dramas and that’s why I chose that theme) I got all my ideas printed and made myself a wedding file.

I told myself I would do my own decor but my family told me to get someone as it would be less stressful for me. My colleague then told me about her sister who wanted to start a party/wedding planning business, I thought why not be her first client? I trusted her and she went over and beyond to satisfy me. From early morning whatsapps & emails to late night whatsapps & emails and she has an 8/5 job. We then met up at the venue during our lunch break and told her how the setup must be. The quotes started storming in and all we did was reconsider a few things, got new quotes and paid for the decor. 1 month before the wedding in July 2023 my fiance at the time and myself drove to wine farms on a Monday and went champagne and wine tasting for the wedding beverages. Our last destination was KWV in Paarl as we both like that brand. We then ordered 2 boxes of red wine 1 box of white wine, 2 bottles of champagne (1 box consists of 12 bottles and the other box of 6 bottles) and he bought himself a KWV 15 years bottle for the pictures. We then went to a place in Blackheath Cape Town for the personalized wedding gifts (for the guests and seating chart) a 2-in-1. This place was very affordable. My cake was made by a lady in Grassy Park and my boss paid for my cupcakes as a wedding gift from her. I was so grateful.

Mid July myself and hubby went to Canal Walk to get my mother-in-law a dress and to find himself a suit. We are doing this with our 7-year-old. Our son complained that his stomach was hurting but we told him that we’d get him some food when we left the store. My hubby went to the fitting room and came out again, as we exited the store our son threw up, we left everything and went back home. The Sunday we returned to Canal Walk to look for the dress for my mother in law but we couldn’t find anything to her liking we got the perfect dress for my maid of honour (talking about last minute, but that’s not where the fun/stress started..keep reading we getting them). I bought jewellery, shot glasses (with each bridesmaid’s initials on them), robes and slippers for each bridesmaid. I also bought robes, slippers and champagne glasses for my mother, aunt, sisters and mother-in-law. Sjoe at this stage I felt like this be over by now because we were just spending, but it wasn’t that much we were still in the budget. The groomsmen came to Cape Town on the 15 July for their suits and they hired their suits from a place Smart Suits men hire in Parow at Chinatown. They then paid their deposit. On the 17th I went for fittings for the dress. My godmother told me to come back in a week’s time but I couldn’t because I was so busy with everything.

End July there was a problem with the candles and flowers(as if this was what I needed) anyway! Okay, the 3rd of August is 1 day before my wedding day. We paid for the flowers and candles. They guys had to come for final fittings and my mother-in-law still didn’t have a dress. We had so many things to do. Oh, I had my nails and lashes done on the 2nd of August. Our morning started at 9 we went to Parow for the suits then I went to Blue Downs and my dress wasn’t ready yet. I told my Godmother that I would be back in the afternoon for my dress. We then went back to Parow and finally my mother-in-law found a dress that she liked.

The men’s suits were paid for and they got it. The guys still needed shoes, I still had to collect my wedding ring and had to buy the tequila for my wedding pictures as we got dressed before the photos. This was at 15:00 we then went to collect some of the decors from the wedding planning lady in Ravensmead (bear in mind this happened during the horrible taxi strike) we then went back to Blue Downs for my dress and waited 2 hours for the dress to be perfect (it was my Godmothers birthday so we had time to celebrate it with her) eventually around 21:00 that Thursday night we travelled back home to Atlantis. We got home at 22:00 the night. Our place was full of guests and my brother’s place was as well. We had to pack our things and the decor was still in the trailer. My brother made my seating chart and that is also in the trailer. We had bags and bags of things that had to go with to the accommodation. Eventually, we left and arrived at Table View at 1:00 the Friday morning(hey it was my wedding day) we unpacked everything except for the decor and seating chart. I made the girls’ bouquets and went straight to bed at 4:00 in the morning. My hubby had to sleep there as well as my dad felt that it would be unsafe for females to be alone. At 8:00 we were up. Hubby had to collect the cake in Grassy Park, the welcome board in Athlone and drop it at the venue. He left at 8:00 and came back at 11:00. The makeup artist arrived at 8:00 and started setting up. The bridesmaids’ make-up was done first. Remember I said that the guys don’t have shoes! Yeah, they went to Table Bay Mall to collect the ring, bought my bottle of Tequila and got their Shoes. He eventually arrived to get dressed at 12:30.

The photographer arrived at 12:00 and started taking take pictures of my make-up. Once the guys arrived he moved to the men’s place for their photos..man was I not tired and stressed as my maid of honour had to print photos of me and hubby of our engagement shoot that was done a week before the wedding. Anyway, the venue was set up and I was still getting ready, emotions and excitement took over I was shivering and crying and smiling (how insane was that). I was dressed and did a dress reveal. I stepped into the room and everyone started crying and smiling when they saw me. We then took pictures lots and lots of pictures that became my most beautiful treasure. Making memories with the women close to my heart. They are everything to me.

The time has arrived for me to meet my husband at the altar. The car I had to drive in was already at the venue but I didn’t mind walking as it was not even a kilometre away from the venue. My friend then stopped and took me to the venue. We both laughed as she thought she was late but was on time. We got to the venue. My dad collected me from the car and my wedding march song started playing (the wise man said – instrumental only) man I had the guests’ eyes locked on me as I looked at their faces and each and everyone had happy tears in their eyes. Never imagined that I would bring so many happy tears to my loved ones. My hubby was the cutest grown man with tears rolling down his face. My stress, emotions, nerves and happy tears made me realize that we made it happen. I’m getting my dream wedding and the man of my dreams.

We dated when we were young and left each other as we still needed to grow as individuals. In 2019 we started dating again and ended up married. It’s been 2 months of marriage and I love this guy more and more every single day!

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                • Blomme: Tami Marais
                • Bruidegom-pak: Smart Men Suit Hire
                • Dekor: Tami Marais
                • Fotograaf: CWJ Photography
                • Gaste Geskenke: Wudeva laser Enthusiasts
                • Grimering: Beautification nails and make-up
                • Hare: myself
                • Huurdienste: McPherson’s Wedding Venue
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                • Juweliersware: Sterns
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                • Musiek: Alandow
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                • Strooimeisie-rokke: YDE Canal Walk
                • Tente: N/A
                • Trourok: Carol Dumas
                • Venue: McPherson’s Wedding Venu
                • Paartjie se verblyf: McPherson’s accommodation
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                • Vervoer: Friends
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