Stuart & Rebecca Rodgers


Our wedding day, set against the enchanting backdrop of Rickety Bridge, was an absolute dream come true. Planning the event all the way from Dubai was a monumental task, but our hearts were set on a vineyard venue with on-site accommodations, considering the long journeys our guests would be making. The moment we discovered Rickety Bridge and spoke to Eldoret, we knew it was the perfect choice. As we first set foot on the property, our intuition was confirmed without a shadow of a doubt. The team, led by Eldoret, exceeded every one of our expectations. AVZ design and the team at Rickety Bridge transformed the venue into a charming, rustic, and profoundly romantic setting for our most special day.

On the morning of our wedding, I looked out of the manor house window and was overcome with awe. The setup was a true manifestation of everything I could dream of. The sweet melodies from Simply Strings serenaded our guests as they entered the venue, the buzz of anticipation in the air ‚Äď these are the memories I will treasure for a lifetime. We were doubly fortunate to have the incredibly talented John Niel at our service, ensuring that the dance floor was lively and filled with joy from the moment the celebration began.

Our wedding at Rickety Bridge was nothing short of a blessing. It is an extraordinary place with an exceptional staff that goes above and beyond to make you feel like family. The warmth and care we received were truly touching, adding a layer of love and comfort to our already exceptional day.

To capture every magical moment, we entrusted Garland Photography. Their work truly encapsulated the essence of our special day, preserving it in beautiful memories for us to cherish for years to come.

Our love story, the perfect venue, and the overwhelming love and support from our friends and family made our wedding truly special. We hope that our journey has touched your hearts, and we humbly ask for your vote in this competition to celebrate the beginning of our beautiful life together. Thank you for considering us.

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                • Blomme: AVZ Design
                • Dekor: AVZ Design
                • Fotograaf: Garland Photography
                • Grimering: D and M agency
                • Hare: D and M agency
                • Huweliksbevestiger: Dion – I do weddings
                • Trouring: Fergus James Dubai
                • Troukoek: Alena Crafford
                • Ko√∂rdineerder: Eldoret Visser
                • Musiek: Simply Strings
                • Platejoggie: John Niel
                • Strooimeisie-rokke: Pretty Lavish
                • Trourok: Ginger and Poppy Bridal Boutique
                • Venue: Rickety Bridge
                • Paartjie se verblyf: Rickety Bridge Manor House
                • Vermaak: John Neil
                • Videograaf: Garland Photography
                • Wittebrood plek: Maldives