Tyra & Wesleigh Myburgh


Our wedding planning was a very happy time we had lots of family and friends helping us with all the details. We really had a family wedding where everyone pulled through to help set up and decorate our venue. Our colour scheme was white black and champagne with hints of greens. My flowers were white roses as they were my belated grandpa’s favorite. My family and friends helped us to go and find our own greens in fields and on bushes, the most exciting greenery to find was the eucalyptus we looked everywhere for a tree and found one in a lady’s yard, she allowed us to climb on her wall and cut some of the eucalyptus this was a really fun part with the setting up. The Thursday before our wedding we started setting up we did all the flower arrangements by ourselves with the help of our best friends and family. Our main meal was cooked by my father and his friends it is my and my husband’s favourite meal and it just made our day so special as there was a lot of hard work put in by our family. Our wedding was so special as we created our dream wedding by ourselves, it was a lot of hard work but I would do it all over again it made the day even more special.

My wedding dress was a dream come true me and my mom decided to go and just “look” for ideas at Bride and Co in Umhlanga. When we got there they were having a 2023 launch and it was 20% off all their dresses, I picked 7 dresses to try on to see what style I liked and as I was walking around I found my dress on a manikin and had to try it on, my dress was the 3rd dress I tried on and I completely fell in love I didn’t want to take it off and it fit me perfectly, so I said yes to the dress on the day we went just “looking”. I loved Bride and Co. and they were so helpful and made my day so special I sent my husband and his groomsmen to go and buy their suits there so that they could enjoy the experience as well.

Our wedding day was filled with our favourite things which made it so sentimental, our ceremony songs were our favourite songs we played while we were dating and our worship song during the ceremony is our song we always play to feel closer to God as a couple. The Priest who did our ceremony did a ceremony based on our favourite scripture in the bible it was a very emotional ceremony and everyone cried a lot. During our canap√©s we cut our cake which my best friend made it was a carrot and lemon poppyseed cake as my husband and I couldn’t choose our favourite one, she had put a butterfly on the top of the cake for us to see as it is the symbol I associate with my grandpa and it just made it feel like he was there with us, the cake was a hit everyone finished it before we went inside for the reception.

Our reception was filled with amazing speeches, the most delicious food and the funkiest dance moves we had a ball at our reception.

Our wedding was the best day of our lives and we speak about it every day to eachother and our family and friends, it was everything we dreamed it would be ūü•āūü§ć

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