Zelsche & Phillip Roos


My wedding day, if I had to tell people it all began like a chapter from a story book would you believe me, I will mention the highlights we met on Tinder, got engaged in Georgia Asia about 2 years later after we got stuck in the snow and had to wait for the police to come rescue us. My whole life is one big adventure.

Fast forward to about 9 months later my now husband was almost on his way to Libya en with me back in SA doing long distance for 4 months. We were unsure as to where we would end up and I had to plan the wedding in 1 month time. We both love nature, forest and the Bush so I fell in love when we found our dream wedding venue at Gecko Ridge surrounded by trees and a river flowing through the log cabins and surrounding the reception our nature / rustic wedding theme came to life …. if course there ups and downs wedding planning is one heck of a ride of emotions and events back then I received news that my husband was not going away anymore and I had another 4 month time to plan the wedding he only got back 1 month before the wedding and I loved to share the wedding reception and we went to pick out a horse for the wedding (no I did not ride in on him ) his name was Jethro a beautiful black horse.

We had about 65 guests and some friends and family that flew in from around the world Switzerland, Germany and KZN each made the day so special. My bridesmaids and makeup and hair artist helped with all the preparations and due to uncontrollable laughter and probably a bit of champagne getting ready was so much fun. Although the groom was almost late due to roadblocks and I nearly passed out in the chapel (here is a tip ladies please remember to drink water before going into the chapel) with the bells ringing and my dad walking me down the aisle with my bride maids in their sage green dresses accompanied by the guys with their brown chinos, white shirt, suspenders and sage green ties to match.

I feel like I married the most good-looking guy in his navy blue suit nervously smiling at me as I walked done the aisle the butterflies started to ease up as realised how lucky I am to marry such as wonderful man. We nearly did not do our first dance as I tried to practise the dance we had learned over 12 lessons my dress kept tripping going underneath my heels it was a disaster so I thought until my cousin called me and helped with the extra material over my arm still. I do need to mention I loved my dress with the fine flower lace pattern and a slit by the legs it was beautiful and I know it was the one the moment I tried it on, so anyway still not sure how we pulled off that baby leap but it went smoothly actually wonderful as I looked around the room seeing everyone smiling and celebrating the day with us we ended off with a fantastic maid of honour speeches from my best friend and also a speech from my brother in law with glasses lifted we went to take our final photos it was raining and yes we took photos in the rain ūüĆß and the photos turned out so unique with fairly light and raindrops in die background we ended the night with a dip and a kiss ending the best day of our lives and memories and love to keep forever. ‚ô°

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                • Blomme: Gecko Ridge In House Flower Provider
                • Bruidegom-pak: Log cabin by river on gecko ridge wedding site
                • Dekor: Shein and Gecko Ridge
                • Fotograaf: Louw van Staden
                • Gaste Geskenke: Custom Craft Co
                • Grimering: Ultimate Glam Crew – Carla
                • Hare: Claudia
                • Huurdienste: Wedding Party – Cake pop stand
                • Huweliksbevestiger: Billy
                • Juweliersware: Something blue something borrowed
                • Trouring: Fine Juwelry middle east
                • Troukoek: My lovely aunt Vena
                • Ko√∂rdineerder: Ilze Pieters from wedding venue
                • Musiek: YouTube mix
                • Platejoggie: Pieter Mulder in house DJ
                • Skoene: Some Shoe Botique in Menlynn Mall don’t recall the name
                • Skryfbehoeftes: Gecko ridge and hand made wishing well from father in law. Seating plan bought over fb advertisment
                • Strooimeisie-rokke: Gelique
                • Tente: No tents
                • Trourok: Bride and Co.
                • Venue: Gecko Ridge Wedding Venue
                • Paartjie se verblyf: Honey moon suite on wedding site
                • Vermaak: Very good friend Marco Oosthuizen our ceremony master.
                • Vervoer: None
                • Videograaf: My cousin Mariska Strauss
                • Huwelik kontrak: Phosa Loots Inc. Attorneys
                • Wittebrood plek: Cape Town