How do I vote?

We have three voting options available:  Yoco, SnapScan or EFT. 

What reference should I use for Yoco and EFT votes?

On the couples profile there will be a reference number starting with TVJ23***.  Use the correct reference number as stated on the couples profile when voting via Yoco or EFT.  If you do not use the correct reference number the votes will not be allocated to the correct couples profile.  No refunds will be done.  

I made an EFT or Yoco payment, but used the wrong reference. What now ?

Please e-mail your proof of payment with the couples names, maried surname and the correct reference number to 

If I vote with SnapScan, how will you know who I am voting for?

You have to select the SnapScan option in the couples profile.  The button will open a unique QR-code with a unique payment id which will start with TVJ23***.  Every profile have a unique code which is linked to a specific profile.  This way we know exactly who you voted for.

Why can I not vote via SMS?

Unfortunetly, we do not have an SMS voting system.  With modern technology, there’s a lot of options available.  We make use of SnapScan, Yoco and EFT to safely keep a record of all the votes.  This is a safer and more secure way to keep a record of votes. 

Is there a minimum voting amount?

Votes are R 1 = 1 Vote.

  • The minimum voting amount via SnapScan is R1.00
  • The minimum voting amount via Yoco is R 2.00.

Why should I pay to vote?

A lot of work goes into running a competition like this, which is why there is a minimal cost of R1 per vote.

What are the terms and conditions of this competition?

Click here to read the terms and conditions. 

How will couples know if someone voted for them?

Couples will receive a weekly report of how many votes they have thusfar.
The weekly report will only be sent directly to the couple and no one else. 

How will the winner be selected?

  • It’s all about the total public votes a specific profile received. 
  • The more the public voted for you, the better your chances.
  • If you make it to the top 10, you are already extremely lucky. 
  • Our top 10 will receive an e-mail as stipulated in our terms and conditions. 
  • The top 10’s votes will be reset to their monetary values before final voting will continue.
  • The top 3 with the most votes will determine the outcome of the winner.

There’s spelling and grammar errors in the couples profiles, why?

Troue van die Jaar does not change the couples entries.  We use them the way we receive them from the couples. 

Can I publish my wedding somewhere else if I take part in the Troue van die Jaar competition?

Yes, this is a competition and not a publication.  You are more than welcome to publish it anywhere else as you wish to. 

Do you have videos showing us how we can vote?

Yes, please view the below video.